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Can you find the error in this sentence?

The tickets are for whomever might enjoy the show.

Keep reading for the answer. I’m devoting today’s entire post to whoever vs. whomever.


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The correct word today is whoever:

The tickets are for whoever might enjoy the show.  CORRECT

Think “he will enjoy the show” – “who will enjoy the show” – “whoever will enjoy the show.”

If you’re thinking about leaving a message that I’m wrong, and whomever is the correct word, join the club! (But I’m not. Sorry.)

Sentences like this one are a strong argument for getting rid of whom. Permanently.

Most people cheerfully use who for everything. But there are a few sticklers left who still make a distinction between who and whom. Good for them! The problem, though, is that those sticklers are the ones who might get today’s sentence wrong.

So here’s a grammar issue that many people get wrong. It doesn’t make sentences easier to understand. All it does is create confusion. Why hang on to it?

I think it’s past time to say good-bye to whom. Good riddance!




2 thoughts on “Whomever

  1. Kelly Pomeroy

    Amen to that! The objective case is not at all “objectionable” – except when it’s misused; and it’s easier just the jettison the form than to try to get the rules across to the average user.

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