How to Write a Research Paper


The links on this page will take you to resources that will help you plan and write a research paper.

Sample Research Paper: The Ragtime Revolution

Take a few minutes to read this sample research paper about the wonderful American music called ragtime. Notice how the paper is put together and how the parts work together. Look for the thesis, supporting ideas, and conclusion. Pay attention also to which information is documented and how the citations are done.

Part I:  Research Your Topic

Get an overview of the research process, along with an introduction to writing about research.


Part II: Focusing Your Research Paper

Learn how to set up your content and write an effective thesis for your paper.


Part III: Planning Your Research Paper

Learn how to select effective supporting ideas to develop your thesis.


Part IV: Drafting Your Research Paper

Get tips for writing the beginning, middle, and end of your paper, so that you have a complete draft, ready to revise.


Part V  Documenting Your Sources

Learn how to select information that needs documentation; see examples of in-text citations and Works Cited entries.


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