Apostrophes Practice

Need some apostrophes practice? Try these!

Instructions: Insert apostrophes where needed. Not all sentences need apostrophes. You can check your answers by clicking here when you’re finished.

This website offers other resources to help you learn apostrophes, including a handout and a presentation about placing apostrophes.

1. My boss said we will probably get a raise in a few months.

2. I always enjoy Mr. Browns class.

3. Babies toys are on sale this week.

4. Last summer James went to Europe with a church group.

5. Both girls poems were printed in the school magazine.

6. Miss Jones account was closed yesterday.

7. Our community is looking for ways to provide support for needy families.

8. Both schools problems would be solved if they had new principals.

9. My best friends birthday is tomorrow.

10. That songs lyrics always make me smile.

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