How to Write an Essay – Step by Step

essay writing

Essay writing is a challenge! The free resources here will help you with planning, drafting, and revising – everything you need to know about essay writing.

And there’s a bonus: these resources work just as well for business reports, magazine articles, and research papers. In fact you can use what you learn here for almost any writing task in school, college, and your career.


Click here to download a free printable handout about the parts of an essay.


Sample Essay: The Magic of Ballroom Dancing

If you’re new to essay writing, this is a good place to start. While you’re reading this essay (it’s short), note how the parts work together. You’ll learn a lot!


(You can also view these presentations as free PowerPoints at Search for Jean Reynolds.)

Part I Getting Started

Many writers say that getting started is the hardest part of writing. This video breaks the writing process into doable steps. You’ll build confidence and know exactly what to do to get your writing task moving.


Part II The Planning Step

You’ll learn how to generate ideas through a for-your-eyes-only warm-up activity. Besides preparing you to write, this activity means that you never have to struggle with that “empty sheet of paper” paralysis.


Part III Putting It All Together

This presentation offers tips for drafting your essay.


Part IV Write Like a Pro

Here you’ll learn about climax, closure, and other strategies to take your essay to the next level.


What Your English Teacher Cover ok

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