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Jean Reynolds holds a Ph.D. in English and is an internationally recognized Shaw scholar. She has published 11 books and numerous articles. She is Professor Emerita of English at Polk State College in Florida, where her teaching experience also includes classes at a police academy and a prison school. She has been married to Charlie Reynolds, garden writer for the Ledger, since 1973. Jean is an avid ballroom dancer.

Contact Jean at jreynoldswrite @ aol.com.

Jean’s books include:

What Your English Teacher Didn’t Tell You (Maple Leaf Press)

Five Minutes a Day: Time Management for People Who Put Things Off   (Maple Leaf Press)

Sentence Power (Holt, Rinehart & Winston)

Introduction to College Writing  (Pearson)

Pygmalion’s Wordplay: The Postmodern Shaw (University Press of Florida)

Succeeding in College (Pearson)

Police Talk  – with the late Mary Mariani  (Pearson)

Gretel’s Story: Finding the Way Home (Maple Leaf Press)

Criminal Justice Report Writing (Maple Leaf Press)

Shaw and Feminisms: Onstage and Off  (with D.A. Hadfield, University Press of Florida)

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11 thoughts on “About Jean Reynolds

  1. AvatarTom Waterton

    Hi Jean,
    I have just come across your website, and it has lots of great content. Thanks for sharing your insights on writing with the rest of us!
    One thing I notice is that there is no option to “follow” this blog. Have you intentionally disabled this feature? (Or am I missing it?)
    Normally, all WordPress blogs have a “Follow” button that individuals can choose to press. If they do so, every time the blog author publishes a new post, the followers receive an email notification with a link to the new post.

  2. Avatarballroomdancer Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, Tom! (I’ve been on vacation – finally have a chance to catch up on messages.) I’m having tech support check into the “Follow” issue. I really appreciate your letting me know about the issue.

  3. Avatarballroomdancer Post author

    Can you explain what’s confusing? Salted caramel ice cream really is my favorite. I can’t figure out what’s confusing – please help!

  4. AvatarJade Reynolds

    How awesome, all your works. Truly inspirational. However, can you write your next book a bit more personal, so that we can learn what makes you an expert; and what drove you to write . Starting after the English class at the prison and the forgiveness you must endure as you led a young life ….. # no bullies, tell these people the real story all faults including you are not the perfect one, you too have ghost in your closet.

  5. AvatarJade Reynolds

    I’m good , thanks to your books and there guide. Anyway do a shout out to your followers, maybe an autograph signing. I want one. 1081 Palm Ave., N. Ft. Myers , FL.#218B,33903.

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