Garbled Sentences

Today I’m going to list some garbled sentences I’ve been seeing on social media. Here’s an example of the kinds of sentences that drive me crazy:

Can I revise a sentence interchangeably as a noun or verb?

What on earth is that supposed to mean? 

I see it all the time: people trying so hard to use their vocabulary words and sound smart that they end up writing nonsense.

Here’s a hard truth for you: Vocabulary words (despite what teachers keep telling you) don’t make your writing better. They don’t make you look smart. They don’t do anything for your writing.

Good writers say what they mean. That’s it. They don’t use words to prove they have a college degree, or a fancy job, or some other wonderful qualification.

Here’s the list of appalling sentences I’ve collected from social media. Please read and ponder them – and resolve (New Year’s Day is coming up!) that you will never, never write anything that sounds like these one of these sentences:

How do we reform the English writing system?

What is the best plan to correct the spelling of Wednesday?

What is English in terms of academic writing?

How is it different if I combine two sentences by using a relative clause?

Why do so many students contradict the rules of English?

To be successful, do I need to totally dominate the English language?

Who are the top influencers in the science fiction bookspace?

What is a reference when you’re making a thesis statement?

What is the best method for clearing a concept?

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