Cat Stevens

No Instant Quiz today. I wasn’t planning to do any blogging this weekend…but I’ve just read a magnificent New Yorker article about Cat Stevens, and I had to put up a link for you.

Of course I love Morning Has Broken, but I know very little of Cat Stevens’ other work.

No matter. The article – the sheer writing of it – is what I’m so excited about (and, to be honest, a little weepy). The writing in the New Yorker is always good, but this is exceptional even for them.

You, out there, wanting to write better – click the link and read the article. And think about it. And then go forth and do likewise. 

Meaning: Make a connection to whatever you’re writing about. Pay close attention. Be there. And bring with you whatever is hiding in your soul. (That advice applies to me as well.)

(And it wouldn’t hurt to listen to “Morning Has Broken” a couple of times, as I’ve already done this morning.)

                                       Cat Stevens




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