First Aid for Students Doing Research Papers

It’s crunch time! This month many students are writing research papers. If you know a student who could use some help, consider sharing these tips for student researchers. You can find more resources at

Ten Tips for Successful Research Papers

  1. Before you begin, review the directions from your instructor.
  2. Start working on your research paper well before the due date.
  3. Ask a librarian for research suggestions (and write them down!).
  4. Plan your research paper carefully.
  5. Select a keyword that’s central to the point you’re making.
  6. Build your research paper around the keyword you selected.
  7. Take advantage of your instructor’s email, office phone, or office hours when you need help.
  8. Use your computer’s spellchecker and grammar checker.
  9. Use the free tutoring and other services offered by your school or college.
  10. Before submitting your research paper, ask a friend or family member to read it and give you feedback.

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