Apostrophes Practice ANSWERS

Here are the answers to the Apostrophes Practice activity you just did. [You can read about apostrophes by clicking this link.]

1. My boss said we will probably get a raise in a few months.  [no “of” idea]

2. I always enjoy Mr. Brown’s class.  [class of Mr. Brown]

3. Babies’ toys are on sale this week.  [toys of babies]

4. Last summer James went to Europe with a church group. [no “of” idea]

5. Both girls’ poems were printed in the school magazine.  [poems of girls]

6. Miss Jones’ account was closed yesterday.   [account of Miss Jones]

7. Our community is looking for ways to provide support for needy families.  [no “of” idea]

8. Both schools’ problems would be solved if they had new principals.  [problems of both schools]

9. My best friend’s birthday is tomorrow. [birthday of best friend]

10. That song’s lyrics always make me smile.  [lyrics of that song]

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