Learning from Snoopy

My friend Coach Sokolove sent me the link to this marvelous article: “Snoopy taught me how to be a writer.” Click here to read it: https://wapo.st/2LlLJ0K?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.f2f7e76b7108

I like the spirit of fun in this piece. Even better, hidden within the fun are some important reminders about writing: Sometimes your hard work doesn’t look too good when you reread it. You’re likely to get rejection notices. And you’re going to have moments of joy and glory.

What I really like about this piece is that it comes from a direction you’re not expecting: a dog in a comic strip starts you thinking about writing. What unusual angle can you use to talk about something important to you?


2 thoughts on “Learning from Snoopy

  1. AvatarKelly Pomeroy

    Unfortunately, those of us who respond to teasers from WaPo will get cut off after a certain number of times if they don’t subscribe. Best solution: subscribe. Alternative solution: switch to a different browser.

  2. Avatarballroomdancer Post author

    Thanks for the “switch to a different browser” suggestion, Kelly! I ration my WaPo visits because I always want to read Carolyn Hax’s live chats on Friday.

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