Woman or Women?

Woman or women? Many people don’t know the difference.

You can try this on your friends – you’ll be astonished. Many people, it seems, have never written the word “woman” in their whole lives. Every female is a “women.” So here’s an experiment for you: Ask them to write a sentence that you dictate (not warning them that the tricky word is “woman.”) For example:

I’m expecting a phone call from a woman I talked to yesterday who works in the garden department.

Many people will write “from a women.”

I’m holding my head in pain today because I’ve already run into two womanwomen errors, and it’s not even 1 pm yet. Here’s one from Facebook: (“the average American women”)


The other example is from today’s newspaper. A man named Paul Evans risked his life to pull a woman safely from a burning building (except that the newspaper says he rescued “a women”). Sigh.

A woman

Woman, women. Not difficult. Let’s be careful with these two words!


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