Pronoun Case, Anyone?

Discouraging – that’s what it is. AOL (which certainly has enough extra money lying around to hire an editor) allowed this ad to go up on its website with a pronoun error.

Let’s find out what’s wrong, using the “Thumb Rule” (Rule 3 on Pronouns Made Simple).

The question is whether it’s “Champ and I” or “Champ and me.” These I/me questions crop up all the time. (Similar questions arise with he/him, she/her, we/us, and they/them.)

Here’s how you do it: Make the sentence shorter so that you can hear which word is correct: I or me.

Here is a new photo of I.

Here is a new photo of me.

Which is right?

Here is a new photo of me.  CORRECT

So…use “me” when you make the sentence longer:

Here is a new photo of Champ and me. CORRECT



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