How to Use “Only” Correctly

In everyday conversation, we usually don’t pay much attention to the word only. It’s an easy word to overlook – and so we end up with sentences like this one:

I only paid five dollars for this book.

Here’s the correct sentence:

I paid only five dollars for this book.

Taking a moment to place only correctly makes you look professional. Take a look at these three sentences:

Only I kissed her.

I kissed only her.

I only kissed her.

Every time you move only to a different position, the meaning changes! The next time you sit down to write, pay careful attention to only. Your writing will be more precise and more professional.

a man kisses a woman


2 thoughts on “How to Use “Only” Correctly

  1. Kelly Pomeroy

    The sentence would have been even better if you had swapped out the second “extra” for “additional”. (Period placement in my sentence intentional.)

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