Don’t Fool Yourself

I just came across a terrific Washington Post article that every aspiring writer should read: “How Corporate America Killed My Writing” by Jim Sollisch.

Sollisch is writing about a surprising problem: Readers who want to correct a professional writer’s work. (It’s happened to me!)

If you enjoy Sollisch’s article, here are two more that you might find interesting. One article questions some of the recommendations in Strunk and White’s beloved Elements of Style. It’s called “50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice.” You can read it at this link: G

And there’s another response to The Elements of Style in comic-book format. The author is a blogger who calls himself Tommy Gun.

I’m not trying to denigrate The Elements of Style. It’s a book I’ve read multiple times, and it’s been a huge influence on my writing and teaching.

My point is that professional writing is a complicated undertaking. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you know it all! There’s always more to learn. (And think twice when you’re tempted to correct a professional writer!)

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